The Take 5 Meditation

Meditation Exercise: Let’s do a quick little meditation.

Meditation doesn’t have to be for hours on end.

It can happen in quick little bursts at any moment of your day – like right now.

The Take 5 Meditation
This quick and easy meditation can be done anywhere.

All we’re going to do is take 5 breaths – one for each finger on our right hand.

We start with the right hand closed gently into a fist.

Every time we finish a full breath cycle (in and out) we open a finger so that by the end of the five breaths our palm will be exposed.

1) Sit comfortably with a straight spine

2) Rest your hands in your lap palms facing upwards and let them be soft for a moment

3) Gently make your right hand into a loosely held fist

4) Now close your eyes

5) For the first breath, take a deep breath in through the nose and then let it out through your mouth with a little sigh (after the first breath in and out has been completed your thumb should be sticking out)

6) We now just let breath flow naturally marking the end of the breath with the opening of the next finger

7) Keep breathing naturally until you finished the five breaths and your hand is open.

Then just rest in silence for a moment.

See nice and easy!

Bipolar Buddha - Ian Paul Marshall
Sending you BIG LOVE!

Ian (The Bipolar Buddha)