Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Bipolar Disorder

8 Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Bipolar Disorder

The One Breath Technique: We take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Fully present to the feeling.

• The Stop Light Meditation: Waiting at the stop light we check in with ourselves. Are we impatient? Angry? Frustrated? Traffic is traffic. There will stops and starts – why get frustrated? Come back to the breath, the feeling of the car seat beneath you, the vibrations of the engine.

• The Breeze Meditation: We take a moment to feel the breeze on our skin.

• The Sun Meditation: We take a moment and close our eyes and feel the warm sun on our skin.

• The First Bite Meditation: Before we gobble down our food we take a moment to be here now. We see the plate, give thanks for the food, and slowly savour the first bite.

• Mindful Listening Meditation: We take a moment to hear the sounds of life. Fully taking in what’s around us.

• The Washing Hands Meditation: When we wash our hands we do just that – we wash our hands. We feel the water on our skin. We see our hands as if for the first time today.

• Walking Meditation: When we walk we just walk. We bring our awareness to each step. Left right left right. We come back to the present moment with each footfall.

Bipolar Buddha - Ian Paul Marshall
Sending you BIG LOVE!

Ian (The Bipolar Buddha)