Recovery and Bipolar Disorder

We need to look at recovery differently with Bipolar Disorder

A bipolar episode and diagnosis is an opportunity to look at your life.

I mean your whole life.

To look and see if what you’re doing, where you’re working, who you’re hanging out with, what you’re reading and listening to is worthy of you. Especially if you really want to lead a happy and meaningful life.

I’m not saying to slash and burn everything in your life. That’s just crazy, unhelpful and unskillful.

I’m saying that a diagnosis of of Bipolar Disorder and choosing to really get well and take those grounded steps on the path toward recovery means that to recover is to recover a way of life that is noble, healthy and happy – FOR YOU.

Work with a doctor, healthcare practitioners and your friends and family in such a way that they all know you and respect you.

That they are cognizant of your goals. Of your hopes. Of your fears. Of your pain and trauma.

And make sure these people hold you tenderly and carefully.

With love and compassion.

Work with people who know when to push you and when more importantly to pull you close with love and patience.

Recovery is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Each person is unique.

Each Bipolar Disorder diagnosis is like looking closely at a snowflake.

There’s beauty there but you need the right circumstances to really see it clearly.