Depression Busting Formula

Depression Busting Formula by The Bipolar Buddha (Ian Paul Marshall)

Move: brisk walking, 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily

Stretch: yin yoga

Small wins: Record your small wins during the day

Take in the good: Write down 5 things that you’re grateful for and relive and savour those memories again daily

Food: Eat. Eat well. Avoid processed foods and sugars. Lots of green veggies.

Be good to your gut: re establish good intestinal health. Probiotics.

Water: drink it

Laugh: I was addicted to the hokey pokey… but thankfully, I turned myself around. 🙂

Meditate: the breath is your medicine

Medicate: take em if you got them until you don’t need them

Masturbate: honestly sooooo many positive brain chemicals are released when we orgasm

Talk it out: find someone to talk to (friends/therapist)

Hug your monsters: take time to unpack your hurting heart

Novelty: try new things, eat new foods, go to new places, meet new people

Routine: create one and try and stick to it

Make your bed: sounds too simple but it helps

1 minute cold shower: boosts immunity

Chompers: brush your teeth and your brain will shine. Good teeth health is associated with good mental health

Goals: get some and go for them

Celebrate: celebrate milestones and small wins

Eating elephants: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Do small things daily that push the needle forward

Play: have fun, be silly, skip, jump and be playful

Friends: find and hang out with supportive happy people

Chill out: relaxo time!!!

Create an ideal vision of yourself: see yourself happy, content, confident, feel those qualities, see you going through your day as that person

Act as if: fake it till you make it

Clear the clutter: mess creates stress

Beauty: surround yourself with it

Music: listen to upbeat uplifting music and let it move you. Dance and shake that booty

Hey good looking: Look good to feel good

Sleep: 6 – 9 hours. Time your waking in 90 min cycles (feed the cats)

Smile: smiling is my favourite

Be present: when chopping wood chop wood

Protect and inject: avoid negative influences and absorb positive.

Supplement: DHA, liquid vitamin D and vitamin B12 (because they are more easily absorbed that way), as well as iron, vitamin K2, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

The frame makes the painting: reframe situations and circumstances

Words have power: be mindful of the language you use (both externally and internally)

Triggers: what are they?

Connect: hang out with uplifting people

Read: take some time to read uplifting biographies inspiration stories or funny books

Sunshine: get outside or use a sunlamp

Hope it helps!!!

Sending you BIG LOVE!!!