Bipolar Coaching

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Looking for someone with a kind heart and clear mind that has real world experience living and having a thriving life with Bipolar Disorder to help you have the same for yourself?

Want help getting grounded and stable?

Looking to ease family tensions at home around the disorder?

Just need someone to get it all of your chest?

Living with Bipolar Disorder is hard.

I know I’ve been doing it for 25 years. 20 of those were medication free.

It can and will get easier with a little help.

Let me be your guide through your healing journey with Bipolar Disorder.

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I had one client recently, a super successful business man say to me,

“You’ve helped me more in thirty minutes than countless years of talking with my doctors.”

I’d be honored to have that chance with you.

Bipolar Buddha - Ian Paul Marshall
Sending you BIG LOVE!

Ian (The Bipolar Buddha)

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